Career opportunities in Biotechnology and Microbiology

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For good career opportunities we pursue master’s degree in one specific field or we can choose our interest area ourselves. In today’s world, microbiology and biotechnology are grasping great career opportunities. One can make his future bright by doing M. Sc. in biotechnology and microbiology depending upon his interest. Science has different fields in which one can be specialized and can open up different ways for bright future. Students who are interested in biological sciences can choose these streams for their career. After pursing bachelor degree students seek for their master’s degree for increasing their career graph.

Brindavan College describes about career in M. Sc. biotechnology and microbiology:

Biotechnology: It is the collection of technology using cells and biological molecules. Biotechnology is basically used for owning specificity of different cells and molecules. It is also used for solving specific problems related to biology having unintended consequences. This course of 2 years comprises of 4 semesters. All practical and theoretical aspects are covered in this program in complete two years. It involves biochemical processes as well as genetic information related to living beings. Modification is done for the betterment of any species. Some of the crops are also modified in agriculture field such as BT-cotton, BT-Brinjal etc. M. biotechnology offers higher level of use of biochemical processes.

Microbiology: It is another important wing of biotechnology or biological sciences. It includes study of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses etc in microscopic size. This study contains impact of these microbes on human life and their remedial solutions for protecting humans from diseases. In microbiology, we study the interactions of these microorganisms with the ecosystem. As microorganisms are the simplest forms of organisms. They serve as the model system for applications and manipulations. M. microbiology leads to various career opportunities in food, agriculture and medicine field. This is also 2 years oriented program helps in enhancing the career.

Both these courses have high demand in today’s developing world. Undergraduates can choose these options for higher studies. These programs help in advancement of biological sciences and also enlighten the future of one who seeks for better opportunities in these fields. So choose M. biotechnology and microbiology for best career in biological sciences.

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