6 Simple Steps to ace your GATE test

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6 Simple Steps to ace your GATE test


A lot of GATE aspirants are feeling overwhelmed as they prepare for the test in January. Devoid of a game plan, most jitter with their enormous engineering books placed right in front of them! GATE preparation requires a lot of studying. But it is imperative that you study smart, rather than overload your brain with factual mumbo jumbo. I, Majed A A Sabha, the Brindavan College chairman, will show you six ways that can help you crack GATE:  

Join GATE Coaching Classes: Enroll yourself in GATE coaching classes to familiarize with the exam. These classes will also give a fair idea of your weak and strong points. High-quality study material and mock question papers can also be collected.

Make a Time-table: Scheduling your daily study routine will help manage all aspects of the exam. You can devote sections of your day to different subjects, breaks, and revisions. This will help make your preparation smoother.      

Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers: Get hold of at least five recent GATE question papers. Solving them in a time-bound GATE-like environment will help you assess your performance and analyze the trends of GATE.

Make Notes: Studies have confirmed that jotting down whatever you learn makes you remember them better. Create notes on the subject you’re studying to revise them at the moment. They also serve as excellent reference materials in the future.

Keep a Small Pocket Book of Formula: You might find a small pocket book with various scientific and mathematical formulas in the market pertaining to your GATE subjects. If you can’t find one, make one. You can revise the formulas when you travel or do stuff which requires you to wait.

Focus on the Fundamentals: Silly mistakes can often lead to disastrous results in GATE. Pay attention to the unit conversions and basic arithmetic.

Apart from following these steps, it’s important that you stay positive and believe in yourself. Without wasting much time, start preparing today! Hope to see you at Brindavan, the best college in Bangalore.

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